If you have been accepted to a Bachelor or Master programme at Jönköping University and are planning to bring a spouse, partner, and/or children with you to Sweden, there are a few things you need to consider when planning your move.

Admitted students with families are welcome to Jönköping University. However, please note that the university does not offer any services to partners or children of students. Please contact the relevant authorities and service providers in good time before your arrival.

Welcome information from Jönköping municipality

Insurance and Swedish personal identity number

Students who are admitted to Jönköping University are covered by a health insurance provided by the Swedish government. However, if you are bringing a partner or children with you to Sweden, it is your responsibility to make sure that they have the necessary health insurance. The insurance options work slightly differently depending on whether you are admitted to studies lasting longer than one year or less than one year.


If you are admitted to studies that last longer than one calendar year

If you are admitted to studies that will last more than 12 months, you can apply for a Swedish personal identity number (a "personnummer") at the Swedish Tax Office once you have arrived, registered for your studies, and have an address in Sweden. A Swedish personal identity number is an identification number and once you have this number, you will be registered in the population register and have the same rights and responsibilities as other long-term residents in Sweden. The personal identity number is used in contacts with Swedish authorities, banks, health care centres, and more. If your partner and/or children are moving with you to Sweden, they can normally also register for personal identity numbers. This means that you and your family members will be a part of the social insurance system in Sweden and can use this identity number when visiting a doctor.

Please note though, that it can take a few weeks until you receive your personal identity numbers and therefore, we recommend that you have sufficient travel insurance when travelling to Sweden and for the first few weeks of your stay.

In addition to having your personal identity numbers and being a part of the Swedish health care system, it is important to look into other insurance covers that you might need, such as home/property insurance, extra insurance for children, car insurance, etc.

Information on moving to Sweden from the Swedish Tax Office


If you are admitted to studies that last less than one calendar year

If you are admitted to studies at Jönköping University that will last less than 12 months (Pathway programmes and most one-year master programmes), you will not be able to register for a Swedish personal identity number. As a Jönköping University student, you will have the insurance that the university provides for you through the Swedish government. However, your family members will need to get private insurance before coming to Sweden.

As the personal identity number is widely used in Sweden for administrative tasks, such as opening bank accounts, registering for different services, and for contacts with Swedish authorities, it is important to be aware that it can sometimes be more complicated to complete these tasks without a personal identity number. Individuals living in Sweden who do not have a personal identity number, may instead be able to receive a coordination number. This is necessary, for example, to work in Sweden and pay your taxes.

Information about coordination numbers from the Swedish Tax Office

Accommodation for families

International students at Jönköping University have the possibility to apply for student accommodation which will guarantee accommodation if the student completes the application process. However, this accommodation guarantee is only for the student admitted to Jönköping University and not for any family members that move with the student. If you are coming with a spouse, partner, and/or children, you need to arrange accommodation on your own.

See the information available at the Student Union’s website for moving with family.

Pre-school and school

If you are bringing children with you to Sweden, it is important for you to look into, and apply, in time for day care/pre-school and/or school for your children. See the information from Jönköping municipality on newly arrived children.

In Sweden, children over the age of 6 are required to attend school (a Swedish law) up to ninth grade (age 15-16).

If you are admitted to a programme shorter than 365 days (Pathway programmes and most one-year master programmes), you will not be able to apply for a Swedish personal identity number.

Residence permits for family members

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen coming to Sweden to study for longer than three months, you must apply for, and receive, a residence permit for study before travelling to Sweden. When you apply for your study permit, you can also apply for a permit for your family members who will be moving to Sweden with you.

Visit the Swedish Migration Agency’s website for information on how to apply for a residence permit for yourself and your family member(s). If you are applying for a residence permit for your family member(s) after you have already submitted your own application, see the information for permits for family members.