Jönköping University is participating in a number of initiatives, its own as well as jointly with others, to make the situation easier for those who have been affected in various ways by the war.

Jönköping University stands behind the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions' (SUHF) statement:

SUHF supports universities in Ukraine and strongly agrees with EUA's opinion on solidarity:

"The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions strongly wishes to express its support for higher education institutions in Ukraine, to colleagues, students and the entire civilian population affected by the Russian invasion. The fact that the Ukrainian universities have now been closed due to the situation will have serious consequences, naturally for higher education and research, but also for society as a whole in both the short and long term. Our universities in Sweden are following developments very closely in order to be able to assist affected students and staff, and we are also ready, in collaboration with Scholars at Risk, to support and help researchers in flight from the crisis. Our role as higher education colleges and universities is to defend core academic values, freedom of universities, research and higher education, and to safeguard democratic discourse and critical thinking. All these values ​​are threatened in today's crisis situation. The SUHF therefore also strongly agrees with the EUA statement in solidarity with Ukraine."

"Jönköping University strongly opposes all forms of attacks on democracy and academic freedom. We want to express our support for our colleagues in Ukraine and our thoughts are with everyone who is affected."

"Jönköping University strongly opposes all forms of attacks on democracy and academic freedom. We want to express our support for our colleagues in Ukraine and our thoughts are with everyone who is affected," says Jönköping University's President, Agneta Marell.

The European University Association External link, opens in new window.

The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions External link, opens in new window.

Cooperation with Russia and Belarus

The Swedish government has called on higher education institutions and research funding bodies to break off cooperation and contact with government institutions in Russia and Belarus (see the government's statement here External link, opens in new window.). Jönköping University stands behind this and has paused cooperation with its partner universities in Russia. During the current situation, JU will not be accepting exchange students from Russia and Belarus. Russian students can still apply to JU through regular programme admissions. JU has no research agreements with Russian or Belarusian partners.

Protecting researchers

Jönköping University supports Scholars at Risk External link, opens in new window., an international network that works to provide protection to researchers who are under threat and who cannot carry out activities in their home countries. JU is investigating how we as an organisation can support research colleagues who are affected directly or indirectly by the war in Ukraine.

IT Security

JU advises extra vigilance with regards to cyber-security. The current situation regarding the sanctions against Russia means that there is an increased risk of cyber-attacks. JU would therefore like to remind everyone to maintain their IT security and protect their information.

Humanitarian initiatives

Jönköping University is doing an inventory of the accommodation that can be offered to Ukrainian refugees who come to Jönköping. JU is also investigating how it can help students fleeing the affected countries.

Staff and students who want to get involved in humanitarian efforts are encouraged to turn primarily to established organisations engaged in aid initiatives. There is also the opportunity for staff and students to create local initiatives in the way that works best in the organisation to show support and provide help.

Working group

JU President, Agneta Marell, has appointed a group to work with JU issues concerning the war in Ukraine.

The working group is made up of the following people:

Jenny Dahlkild, Executive Manager (convener)

Håkan Sonesson, IT Security Manager

Heidi Woodhouse Schmit, International Relations Manager

Anders Jonzon, Communications Director

Anna Lager, Counsellor