Ready, steady, light! 

As darkness fell on Monday 19 November, six teams of second year Lighting Design students got to work on creating six outdoor light installations in the competition Ready, steady, light!, which was part of the Lighting Design programme's open house. 


Despite the cold temperatures and light rain, there was a postive and energetic buzz among the staff and students of the Lighting Design programme. The main event was the competition - six light installations designed and built within 2.5 hours. Participants had unlimited access to cable as well as access to color filters and shielding films. From a motorcyle adorned with neon red lighting under the bridge near Campus Arena, to a glowing pink campus fountain, the results were creative and cleverly done. 

The winning installation for the jury's award used light directed through objects such as a trash can to cast a shadow pattern on a corner of campus. (Photo: Daniel Ekman)

"There are lots of small techniques we have used to create these installations that a passerby probably won't notice, but that help them take in the light and enjoy the whole effect," said Rex Tigerstrand, a student one of the winning team.  

The winners of the 'Jury's award' were Rex Tigerstrand, Albin Högqvist and Elias Lindholm, who illuminated a dark corner of campus by casting shadow patterns with light shone through trees and trash cans.

The winners of the 'People's choice award' were Ingrid Hansson, Rasmus Pettersson and Viktor Nyberg, who illuminated the walkway at the entrance of the School of
Education and Communication.

The winning installation of the People's Choice award created a house at sunset on the walkway up to the School of Education and Communication. (Photo: Daniel Ekman)

"It's great to do something together that is fun and not just purely useful," said Ulrika Wänström Lindt, senior lecturer at the Department of Construction Engineering and Lighting Science. "We want everyone to know that we exist, to show that we have this unique and exciting education at the School of Engineering which will help our students go on to a rewarding career. 

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